Rug Cleaning

Our technicians can offer you exceptional quality rug cleaning service for various types of textile fabrics. Be it Persian, oriental, or antique rug we at Arlington VA Carpet Cleaning have both the tools and the knowledge to clean it and remove all stains.

We use only proven environmentally safe products. We can ensure you that we’ll have it cleaned the proper way. We preserve the delicate fabric of your Persian and oriental rugs with Arlington VA Carpet & Rug Cleaning you get a 100% clean guarantee. We can also dry clean your rugs if necessary.

We provide professional, effective rug cleaning services in all the areas. And we do it at a competitive price, too. Our customers trust us with their rugs, because they understand the need for personal attention to every detail in the overall cleaning process and the fact that you can never repeat the opportunity to make a “first impression” for your home or office space! Rug cleaning is a tedious, thankless job that you can do by yourself – unfortunately with little success.